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legacy1's Attack Calculator

All of this information is from legacy1's post at:
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Redmoon Attack Calculator (RMAC) is a helpful program (developed by legacy1) that will calculate when your character will one-shot any monster.

RMAC is very accurate calculator. Its lowest accuracy is 99.998%. But usually its 100% accurate. That means if RMAC shows you that you can one-shot some monster you might need to put only 1 more bonus point to your attacking stat to actually one-shot that monster. Also, be advised that you must type in your character's base stats (without armor on).

  • legacy1 recoded RMAC using .NET Framework 2.0 and added support for all characters. So you will need to install .NET Framework 2.0 to make it work. You can install .NET Framework 2.0 from Windows Update or from the Microsoft website.


Screenshot of RMAC...


legacy1's RMAC was uploaded to this URL: