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This section is designed for players that are new to Redmoon, not just Redmoon Advanced. If you are just beginning, then read this information before creating and leveling your character. Often players waste several hours leveling a character incorrectly.

New Player Information

Character Window


Name: Your name is displayed in blue text. This character's name is Fairy.
Current Experience: As you kill monsters, you gain experience. If a monster's experience is worth more than 10% of your required experience to level, then you will only gain 10% of your total experience. In other words, you will always have to kill at least 10 monsters to level.
Bonus Points: When you level, you gain 2 bonus points. You may add them to any of the 4 stats, strength-spirit-dexterity-power.
Honor: Every character has 2 sets of skills. Positive honor turns your name blue. Negative honor turns your name red. To learn more about each characters skills, click here: Characters.
Weight Limit: As you increase your strength, you also increase your ability to carry more items.
Gold: To purchase items on Earth, you will use Gold.
Tau: To purchase items on Signus, you will use Tau.

The important thing to understand is how to use this window. Players are often confused as to what they should do with their bonus points. Fairy's stats are 50-1455-10-540. She has 50 strength, 1455 spirit, 10 dexterity and 540 power.

For guidance on what your stats should be click here Begin-stats.

Quick Bar

Items: While in combat it is best to use the quick bar to heal yourself. To put an item into the quick bar either right click on the item or drag it. To use an item in slot one press: CTRL 1. If you enable short key mode [`shortkeymode on], then you only have to press 1. However, to talk you must press the Enter Key.


Skills: To use a skill in the A box, simply right click. A target may be needed. If you wish to switch between your skills, press the letters Q W E R T A S D F G Z. If you do not have short key mode on then you will need to use the CTRL key as well, i.e. CTRL Q.

Special Skill: To use your special skill hold shift and right click. All characters only have 1 special skill.

Where should you level?


Level 3-15 You will begin in the street2 safe zone. Follow the blue line and walk to the armory. After the armor follow the white line and make a loop. You should level in this area until you are able to handle spies. If you are a mage your goal should be to 1 hit spies and not let them touch you. If you are a melee character, you should have at least 50 power before attempting to fight spies. The spies are located in the Red lined area. At level 15 you should be strong enough to fight robbers, follow the yellow line to street3.