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Name Azlar
Gender Male
Birth Place Signus
Strength 10 /BP
Spirit 18 /BP
Dexterity 8 /BP
Power 12 /BP
Special Skill Suicide Sun

Azlar, kidnapped when he was born, is Philar's brother. Aguilas raised him as his own son to become Prince of Signus. With his past forgotten, and his brother Philar thinking him an enemy, he uses all means possible to kill. Although he realizes great power from hatred and pride, deep down his inner self craves the warmth and love from the family he once lost. But in finding them he may find his ultimate destruction.
필라르의 친동생이며, 갓난 아기때 아길라스에게 납치되어 그의 아들로 키워진 시그너스의 왕자. 자신의 과거 기억마저 조작당한 채 형제인 필라르를 원수로 여기며 그를 죽이기 위해 수단과 방법을 가리지 않는다. 철저한 증오와 분노로서 단련된 그의 정신은 잔혹한 파괴력을 지녔으나 자신조차 깨닫지 못하는 마음 깊은 곳에는 어머니에 대한 사랑과 형제에 대한 그리움이 가득하다. 그의 마음속 깊은 상처를 어루만져줄 따스한 손길이 나타나는 순간 그 또한 파괴의 원념을 버리리니....

Weapons: Rings (3)
착용 무기: 반지 (3)

Skill Chart

Spirit Required
MP Use
1 Azlarsi.gif Suicide Sun
(수어사이드 선)
1 Azlar1i.gif Psychic Shock
10 7%
50 Azlar50i.gif Ice Rain
(아이스 레인)
10 10%
100 Azlar100i.gif Absolute Defense
500 15%
150 Azlar150i.gif Recall
150 750 750
200 Azlar200i.gif Dispel
200 1,000 1,000
300 Azlar300i.gif Nostalgia
(그리운 손길)
300 1,500 20%
400 Azlar400i.gif Hatred
400 2,000 20%
500 Azlar500i.gif Mind Barrier
(마인드 베리어)
Azlar500b.gif 500 2,500 5,000
600 Azlar600i.gif Holy Shield
(성스러운 방패)
Azlar600b.gif 600 3,000 20,000
700 Azlar700i.gif Lightning Claw
(라이트닝 클로우)
700 3,500 30%
800 Azlar800i.gif Focused Spirit
Azlar800b.gif 800 5,350 40,000
150 Azlar-150i.gif Hatred
-150 750 20%
200 Azlar-200i.gif Eidolon
Azlar-200b.gif -200 1,000 1,000
300 Azlar-300i.gif Cold Cell
(차가운 감옥)
-300 1,500 2,000
400 Azlar-400i.gif Psychic Boost
(정신 강화)
Azlar-400b.gif -400 2,000 3,000
500 Azlar-500i.gif Ice Storm
(아이스 스톰)
-500 2,500 25%
600 Azlar-600i.gif Damned Armor
(사악한 방패)
Azlar-600b.gif -600 3,000 20,000
700 Azlar-700i.gif Stun
-700 3,500 100%
800 Azlar-800i.gif Blizzard
(프리징 월)
-800 5,350 50%

Special Skill

This skill is only available when your DP meter is full and flashing. Characters start with this skill at level 1.
이 스킬은 레벨 1부터 사용가능하며, 분노게이지(DP)가 꽉 찼을 때 Shift+마우스 오른쪽 버튼 클릭으로 사용합니다.

Suicide Sun

(수어사이드 선)

Azlarsi.gif Suicide Sun causes a flame strike to all opponents in the vicinity.
증오가 담긴 불줄기로 범위 내 적들에게 피해를 준다.

Neutral Honor Skills

These skills require no specific honor to use them.
아래 스킬은 명성치에 상관 없이 사용가능합니다.

Psychic Shock


Azlar1i.gif Level: 1 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 7%

This skill is one of the first skills your Azlar will start out with. It requires no honor and no base spirit to use. It uses 7% of your spirit bar every time you cast it. Psychic Shock will be be your main attack until you reach level 50.
정신파를 발사하여 적 대상에게 피해를 준다.

Ice Rain

(아이스 레인)

Azlar50i.gif Level: 50 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 10%

This skill is your second attack skill. You obtain this skill when you reach level 50. It requires no honor and no base spirit to use. It uses 10% of your spirit bar every time you cast it. Ice Rain is a short range area attack.
얼음비를 내려 범위 내 적들에게 피해를 준다. (무클릭 다수)

Absolute Defense


Azlar100i.gif Level: 100 (Requires 500 spirit)
MP Use: 15%

This skill requires 500 spirit and allows you to use your spirit as a shield. It uses 15% of your spirit each time you cast it. Instead of taking damage and your life bar being drained, your spirit bar is drained instead. In the event you run out of spirit your shield will fade and you will start to take damage normally again. It should be noted that attacking while the skill is in effect will cause the shield to fade away and make you vulnerable to normal attack again. You'll need to recast the skill for it to take effect again. Defense buffs help by lowering the damage you receive. The amount of damage your shield can absorb is based on your character's spirit.
피해를 받으면 대신 MP가 소모되는 보호막을 생성한다. 다른 기술을 사용하거나 MP가 소진되면 해제된다.

Blue Honor Skills

These skills require positive (Blue name) honor to use them.
아래는 선계열 스킬에 대한 설명입니다.



Azlar150i.gif Level: 150 (Requires 750 spirit)
Honor: 150
MP Use: 750

Teleport an ally directly to you. You cannot recall players into dungeons.
지정한 캐릭터를 자신 근처로 소환한다.



Azlar200i.gif Level: 200 (Requires 1,000 spirit)
Honor: 200
MP Use: 1,000

Form a mental barrier that dispels all harmful effects. Dispel is a PK action now. It cannot be used in safe zones.
범위 내 적들의 버프를 제거한다. PK 행위로 간주되며, 안전지대에서 사용시 효과가 없다.


(그리운 손길)

Azlar300i.gif Level: 300 (Requires 1,500 spirit)
Honor: 300
MP Use: 20%

Heal yourself and players around you.
범위 내 대상들의 HP를 회복시킨다.



Azlar400i.gif Level: 400 (Requires 2,000 spirit)
Honor: 400
MP Use: 20%

Ignite the air for a long range single-target attack.
증오의 불길을 뿜어내며 적 대상에게 피해를 준다.

Mind Barrier

(마인드 베리어)

Azlar500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 2,500 spirit)
Honor: 500
MP Use: 5,000

A self defense buff that stacks with other defenses.
일정 시간 동안 자신의 방어력을 상승시킨다.

Holy Shield

(성스러운 방패)

Azlar600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 3,000 spirit)
Honor: 600
MP Use: 20,000

A self buff that lowers your chance to be hit by skills.
적들의 스킬공격으로부터 피해를 받을 확률을 감소시킨다.

Lightning Claw

(라이트닝 클로우)

Azlar700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 3,500 spirit)
Honor: 700
MP Use: 30%

Focus the power of lightning at your enemy for a long range single-target attack.
강력한 단일대상 공격기술

Focused Spirit


Azlar800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 5,350 spirit)
Honor: 800
MP Use: 40,000

A self buff that gives a increase to spirit.
정신 능력치를 크게 상승시킨다.

Red Honor Skills

These skills require negative (Red name) honor to use them.
아래는 악계열 스킬에 대한 설명입니다.



Azlar-150i.gif Level: 150 (Requires 750 spirit)
Honor: -150
MP Use: 20%

Ignite the air for a long range single-target attack.
증오의 불길을 뿜어내어 적 대상에게 피해를 준다.



Azlar-200i.gif Level: 200 (Requires 1,000 spirit)
Honor: -200
MP Use: 1,000

Restores Azlar's stamina meter to full.
자신의 스테미너를 회복한다.

Cold Cell

(차가운 감옥)

Azlar-300i.gif Level: 300 (Requires 1,500 spirit)
Honor: -300
MP Use: 2,000

Freeze an opponent so they cannot move.
상대방을 얼려 움직일 수 없는 상태로 만든다.

Psychic Boost

(정신 강화)

Azlar-400i.gif Level: 400 (Requires 2,000 spirit)
Honor: -400
MP Use: 3,000

A self buff that gives you a 20% Damage boost.
일정 시간동안 자신의 공격력을 20% 증가시킨다.

Ice Storm

(아이스 스톰)

Azlar-500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 2,500 spirit)
Honor: -500
MP Use: 25%

Area attack that hits everyone nearby.
얼음 폭풍을 일으켜 범위 내 적들에게 피해를 준다.(무클릭 다수)

Damned Armor

(사악한 방패)

Azlar-600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 3,000 spirit)
Honor: -600
MP Use: 20,000

Reflects melee damage, drains spirit of enemy if their spirit attack misses (PvP), and casts slow on enemy if their spirit attack misses (PvM).
일정 시간동안 적의 물리공격을 반사하고, 상대방의 정신공격이 빗나가는 경우 상대의 MP를 소모시킨다. 몬스터에게는 슬로우 디버프가 적용된다.



Azlar-700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 3,500 spirit)
Honor: -700
MP Use: 100%

Single-target dispell, and target cannot use any skill for 30 seconds.
대상의 모든 버프를 제거하고, 30초간 스킬을 사용할 수 없는 상태로 만든다.


(프리징 월)

Azlar-800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 5,350 spirit)
Honor: -800
MP Use: 50%

Area attack skill that hits 3 times.
범위 내의 대상들을 3회 연속으로 공격한다.

Leveling Guide

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CC's Azlar Guide (for RMC v3.9)

For most efficient leveling, Red honor is recommended. For best use of bonus points in early stages, you may opt to add strength and use 3 spirit rings. However, when you advance in levels and can wear rare rings, your own strength is not necessary. To avoid having to use a poison pill, stats in this guide are for wearing 1 strength and 2 spirit rings.

Level 1 – 50

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 30 – 10-1090-10-10
  • Stats at lvl 40 – 10-1090-10-250
  • Stats at lvl 50 – 10-1216-10-406

For first 30 levels, add bonus points to spirit only, and play hit-and-run style. You may or may not wear armor, other than a necklace from lvl 25, and carry mostly MP drinks. Stay in Street2 until lvl 20, then move to Street3. When you reach lvl 30, you will be able to 1 hit Thugs with PS with help only from your necklace. At lvl 30, wear 1 strength and 2 power rings, [note: it is mathematically more efficient to wear 3 spirit rings whilst manually adding strength to match each strength ring upgrade. This can benefit you as much as 14 bonus points worth of spirit! The downside is you might need a ppill when you're 600+. I didn't use a ppill, though, and am enjoying the extra carrying capacity. -meth0s =)] and wear your full armor. From lvl 30-40, stay in street3, and add power. Once you reach 250 power at lvl 40, wear 2 spirit rings instead of power rings. From lvl 40-50, you can either level on Cyborgs along top and left side of Street1 or try JY with a group.

Level 50 – 100

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 60 – 10-1432-10-502
  • Stats at lvl 100 – 10-2728-10-610

Ice Rain is a very effective skill for leveling in crowded places like JY. However, since you will have to be close to your targets and you won’t be 1 hitting anything at lvl 50, you will need to build your power. At lvl 60, with 2 spirit rings and 1432 spirit, you can 1-hit Cyborgs with rain. Stay on the left side of JY for a while, until you can build up your power and spirit. With full armor, you won’t need more than 600 power in JY after lvl 60. Add all points to spirit.

Level 100 – 150

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 150 – 10-3790-10-1102

You will spend most of these 50 levels in JY. If you want to go to DT1 with a group, you should build up your power after you can 2 hit Mutants with ice rain. However, you can probably level faster and safer in JY/BY. You won’t be able to solo in DT until you get your 150 skill, Hatred.

Level 150 – 200

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 200 – 10-3808-10-2302

With your lvl 150 rings, you’re now ready for DT1. You can 1 hit Snipers and Commandos with your current spirit of 3790, so concentrate on building power. Avoid large groups of Snipers and Super Sniper until you have more power. Unless you have a good group and an egg, you should wait until lvl 200 for Commandos.

Level 200 – 250

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 250 – 10-4258-10-3202

Most of these levels can be done in DT3 & DT4. With over 4000 base spirit, you should be able to 2 hit Espers. Keep raising power to 3202 to prepare for Saharas.

Level 250 – 300

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 300 – 10-5608-10-3514

Most of these levels can be done in Sahara1. Sahara1 will be fairly easy, since Commandos can’t slow you, and espers will miss you often. Just stay away from Super Esper, and you will be able to level at a good pace. Work on your power and spirit, but you won’t be able to 1 hit Espers without enhancements until lvl 300.

Level 300 – 400

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 370 – 10-7084-10-4210
  • Stats at lvl 400 – 10-7732-10-4500

Once you get cold cell skill at lvl 300, move to Sahara2. If you run into a large group, use cold cell to freeze them, and use rain to kill. After reaching around 7000 base spirit, you should be able to 1-hit TNT. After you get the upgrade shield and armor at lvl 370, try Sahara Dungeon1 with 7000 spirit and 4200 power. Try to get egg as much as possible, and try not to face more than 2 MGs at once.

Level 400 – 500

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 500 – 10-10900-10-4810

Most of these levels can be dun in Sahara Dungeon1. When you get the boost skill at lvl 400, you will be able to 1-hit Android with just 1 spirit ring. Try wearing 2 strength rings and 1 spirit rings to maximize your stay between restocking trips. From lvl 450, use 3 rare all stat rings (available at 450, 480, 510, 540 & 570) if possible. They will give you additional stats for strength, power, and dexterity. If you need to retain your spirit, use 2 all stat rings and 1 spirit ring.

Level 500 – 600

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 600 – 10-13006-10-5818

The hard part of leveling an Azlar is now officially over. Things get much easier with 500 skill, Ice Storm. With your lvl 500 stats, you will be able to 1-hit upto Combat Drones in Sahara Dungeon2. You can either stay in Sahara Dungeon2 and raise power, or raise spirit to level in Himalaya. If you want to level in Himalaya, raise only spirit until you can 1-hit Yeti. You can 1-hit Yeti at around lvl 540 wearing 3 rare rings (earlier if you use 1 spirit ring and 2 rare rings). With the 600 stats above, you will be able to 1-hit Signus with regen necklace, 2 e-rings and 1 regen ring.

Level 600+

Honor – Red

  • Stats at lvl 802 – 10-14014-10-10006

After reaching 600, raise mostly power. With full set of c-vend armor, regen necklace, 1 regen ring and 2 eternity rings, you can level on Signus or earth without much problem from lvl 600. You can 1-hit space ship with 2 regen rings + any boost (LoW, SL, Couradyne, or Aryne) at lvl 600. After reaching around lvl 650, you won’t even need a boost to clear the space ship with 2 regen rings. Good future stats are 14k spirit and 10k power at lvl 800.