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Player vs Player

Welcome to the Player vs Player in short PvP page. Here everything will be explained concerning PvP.

PvP mechanics

The basics to PvP start with turning the Player-Kill (PK) mode on. The TAB key toggles PK mode ON and OFF. If your PK mode is off, there will be a short pause and "Turning PK Mode ON" will show up in system chat. It will then say "PK Mode ON" when it's activated. You will also notice an icon above your head when PK Mode is on. Other players cannot see this unless they use the consumable 'Mind eye' or with the Destino skill 'Mind's Eye'. When turning PK mode off, there is no pause. It shuts off immediately. If attacked by another player your PK mode is automatically turned ON.

Random Player Killing (PK-ing)

Random PK-ing can be done on almost all maps, some maps are considered "safe zones" and PKing is not allowed. You can turn PK Mode on and attack other players, but they will not receive damage. Examples of safe zones are: Street 1, Street 2, Street 3, and inside any building. The exceptions are: in the Battle arena, during a war or when you have a 'PK-tag'.

There are consequences to killing someone randomly. Your character turns completely yellow and is "frozen" in place (unable to move or use skills, but able to use items) for a short time. If you are killed in this state, when you are re-spawned in the hospital you will be "unfrozen".

Your name will turn black (this is called a "PK tag" or being "tagged") for a limited time, identifying you as a "killer" to other players. During this time you are penalized as follows:

1. You are unable to kill other non-PKers until your tag runs out. You can kill other PKers.

2. Any player in any location except Prison can attack and kill you without being penalized themselves.

3. You are unable to take Quests.

4. Hide and Invisibility skills do not conceal you from other players.

5. You can lose experience and items if you are killed with a PK tag. The chance of dropping items increases with your PK count.

If you kill subsequent players then penalty times are cumulative. So for example: First PK = Penalty Time, Second PK = Penalty Time x2, Third PK = Penalty Time x3... nth PK = Penalty Time xn. One PK is 5 minutes, so, if you have 10 PKs, you have a 50 (5*10) minute tag.

Dokdo Map: PK penalty for First PK= 20 minutes, Second PK = 40 minutes....nth PK = Penalty Time xn

Accumulated PK penalty time multipliers (n in the above example) are decremented by not PKing. For every 10 hours you spend in-game WITHOUT a PK tag, your PK count goes down by one. Thus, your PK tag time goes down by 5 minutes.

If you are attacked by another player before you attack them, your PK mode will be turned on and you will get a system message that says you can legally retaliate against <player>. This means, if someone attacks you (and you survive), you can fire back right away.

Battle arena

To test your strength against other players without consequences you can fight each other in the Battle arena. The extrance to the arena can be found on several maps: Street 2, Downtown 1 & Downtown 3.

If you die in the arena you will not lose the consumable 'Protection' and Uniques will not fade but you will lose the effect of used Boosters and Buffs.

Wars between Armies

In depth explanation on how wars work can be found on the Armies page.

Battle Dimension

In depth explanation on how Battle Dimension works can be found on the Battle Dimension page.

5:1 mechanics

To understand this knowledge of stats and attack basics are needed.

The 5:1 mechanics are a way to calculate the optimal stats for maximum attack of a character in a PvP situation. This is calculated that the attack stat (str/spr/dex) must not pass 5 times the amount of power added or else the attack will be cut in half.

For example some fictional Philar stats:

All spr stats 10-25000-10-10
5:1 stats 10-25000-10-5010

In this situation the All spr Philar does half the damage that the 5:1 Philar does in PvP but they do the same damage in PvM.

The stats are only affected by the base stats: all items (including ringset and sunsets), boosters en buffs dont count in the calculation.

Max defense power mechanics

The defense power cap for PvP is 90%.

Item PvP defense power %
Booster Protyne P 15%
All necklaces 10%
Signus Weapon 20%
Sunset weapon (all stages) 20%
Unique weapon 0%
Signus ring 4%
Majestic ring (all stages) 5%
Minerva's Tears 0%
Signus armor (per piece) 4%
S0 sunset armor (per piece) 4%
S1 sunset armor (per piece) 4%
S2 sunset armor (per piece) 4%
S3 sunset armor (per piece) 6%
S4 sunset armor (per piece) 8%
Tamas set 40%
Individual Tamas piece 10%
Parcae's set 30%
Individual Parcae's piece 5% - 15%
Rage Of Erinyes 10%
Will Of Erinyes 10%
Minerva's Robe 10%

So for example 2 Lunarena's
Lunarena 1: Tamas set (40%), 4 pieces of A-vend (4 * 4% = 16%), Chrysaor (20%), Regen Necklace (10%) and Protyne P (15%) has a total of 101% which will be capped at 90%
Lunarena 2: Tamas set (40%), 4 pieces of A-vend (4 * 4% = 16%), Unique Nemesis Bow (0%), Regen Necklace (10%) and Protyne P (15%) has a total of 81%

Lunarena 2 has a 9% lower PvP defense power than Lunarena 1

Buff skills casted by characters like: Guardian Deity (egg) and Heavens Advent (red egg) don't effect the Max defense power cap.

Relative attack value of weapons

Allot needs to be tested and confirmed. The level of a sunset items does not effect the attack value but it does increase the stats given by the sunset.

Item Attack value (stage 4 = 100%)
Earth level 600/650 weapons 25%
Signus Weapon 33%
Sunset weapon Stage 0 25%
Sunset weapon Stage 1 33%
Sunset weapon Stage 2 50%
Sunset weapon Stage 3 67%
Sunset weapon Stage 4 100%
Unique weapon Need to be tested
Signus ring Need to be tested
Majestic ring (all stages) Need to be tested
Minerva's Tears Need to be tested