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FAQ's Answers to some commonly asked questions:

  • How can I turn the background music ON/OFF?

Type: `music on and `music off

  • How can I turn the sound effects ON/OFF?

Type: `sound on and `sound off

  • How can I find out where I am?

Type: `xy and the map you are on, together with your X and Y coordinates will be displayed on the screen (and recorded to the history)

  • Where can I fight other characters to prove I am the best?

Visit the Battle Arena where you can fight without fear of loss of items or experience.

  • I died, now what?

When you die, just click on the screen to be respawned in a hospital. The penalty for death is losing half of your current experience points (but not your current level). As you progress in the game, you will also start losing items and gold when you die. Take it in stride, it happens to us all.

  • How do I get out of the hospital?

You died and you left all your belongings where you died and you resurrected in the hospital and you don't know how to get out of this hospital. Well the door in the hospital does not work. So don't try to open it. Just indicate mouse point to 6 o'clock and move your character to exit...

  • How do I change hospitals?

There isn't a way to designate which hospital you respawn at. This is determined by what level you are. As you gain levels, you will eventually spawn in hospitals on different maps and more dangerous areas.

  • Now I've started what do I do first?

Start killing things! Best start with gangsters, because when you start, even a hooligan can wipe the floor with you. Stay away from spies and robbers for awhile, they are even harder than hooligans.

It's also a good idea to get yourself some armor and a weapon (if your character allows it). There are two Weapon Shops on Street2, one on the middle west side of the map, the other in the middle north side. At the beginning, you won't be able to carry much, but you will be able to carry some things, and every little bit helps. Check every 5 levels, because you can usually carry more...

  • I just gained a level, now what?

Well, if you are not safe, you might want to run away and then distribute your attribute points on your character screen (F2). If you are safe, just distribute your points.

  • What are these attribute buttons?

In order from left to right, they are Strength (melee attacks hit harder, and you can carry more weight), Spirit (gives you more MP, and makes your skills more powerful), Dexterity (increases your ability to dodge, to hit more accurately, and increases Stamina point so you can run more), and Power (increases your HP so you can take more damage).

  • What is the most important attribute?

That depends entirely on your character and how you want to play the game. If you want to use a sword or bare handed fighting, Strength will increase your damage. If however, you are using a bow or a gun, Dexterity will be more important, as this will allow you to use better weapons. Power is always good, especially at the beginning when you have little defense. It's all about Strategy.

  • Why is players name red, blue, black?

Depending on a persons honor, their names will be white (no honor), red (negative honor), or blue (positive honor). Honor doesn't come into play until after level 100. It determines what type of special skills your character can get. A player who's name is black is a Player Killer (PK). It means they recently killed another player outside the Battle Arena.

  • How do I get honor?

Honor is obtained by killing monsters who themselves have honor. Killing a red named monster gives you positive honor, while killing blue named monsters gives you negative honor.

  • When do I get a new skill?

Depending on the character you are using, you may get a new skill every 50 to 150 levels. Check Skills for exact numbers.

  • How come I don't have that skill?

If you have reached the level that you should have gotten a new skill, but you don't see it, more than likely you don't have enough spirit or power to use it. When you raise your spirit/power to the minimum requirement for the skill, it will appear in your skill panel.

  • When do I get a quest?

Quests are given to you every hundred levels. Currently up to level 400.

  • Why is this person talking in yellow/blue/green/red?

The color of text depends on how it is being said. Talking normally, text will appear as white. This type of talk can be heard by everyone nearby, like on the same screen as you. Yellow text means that the message is being shouted. Shouts can be heard by everyone on the same map, and take up about 1/6 of your stamina (green bar). Blue text means that what is being said is whispered to you. Whispers can reach you no matter what map you are in,and can only be heard by you and the person who said it. Green text is from people in a group you have joined. It is like a whisper in that only the group will hear it. Red text will normally only come as announcements from the RedMoon staff. This is heard throughout the entire game.

  • I see another player with their name displayed in yellow?

Players penalized by the Game Master's for inappropriate play such as looting will have their character names changed to yellow for a period of time. During this time such characters suffer from the same restrictions as those invoked by PK'ing another character.

However, both Game Masters and Game Councillors also have their names displayed in yellow (as this prevents them from accidently harming other players).

  • How can I identify a Game Master (GM) character?

Game Master character names all start with 'GM', and no other players can create character names that start with the string 'GM' (in ANY case combination).

Game Master characters are distinguished with a unique icon.

  • How do I re-allocate my bonus points?

You need a Posion Vile; a rare item dropped by some monsters.

  • I was just struck by lightning and killed?

You were a PK'er that was subject to Divine Punishment, a random event that only affects PK'ers.

  • I see monsters in an area I can't get to?

There are ceratin closed off "dead spots" within the game into which monsters can spawn and into which unscrupulous players can transport other players. Although these are very rare if you do come across one please report it to the Games Masters with the appropriate location (map and XY coordinates).

  • I lost items when I died?

At low Level characters (<100) that die lose very little but the chance of losing items and money increases with Level. One way to reduce this risk is to form a Group.