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== Rugal's Destino Leveling Guide ==

This is an optimized leveling guide for new and old Destino players. These stat sets are relevant to RedmoonAdvanced. They are correct as of the release of this guide. Some monster stats might be altered after this guide is released. Adjust accordingly. There might be further revisions as well, should there be anything that needs fixing.

General Advice

Always pickup magic power food and sell for gold. Useful for all high strength melee characters. If not using the Starlight Buff while leveling up, put about 400 Pas in the bank. Mainly, for the Downtown Maps. Get necklaces (100-400) and mail yourself the items. This is to reduce the time backtracking.

PVM/PVP Damage Reduction Limit

How the PVM and PVP damage reduction limit works. There's armor points and the effect of reducing incoming attack damage. This important for both PVM and PVP. At higher levels, characters will be able to do hundreds of millions of damage. So reducing incoming attack is key for surviving the game of Redmoon. Reducing incoming damage has a limit, 80% in PVM and 90% in PVP, before factoring Guardian Diety/Starlight(50%) damage reduction. Damage Reduction Formula 1. Incoming Damage - Level 1000 Buff+Booster+Gear(At best, reduces damage 80% in PVM and 90% in PVP) = X Damage. 2. X Damage - GuardianDiety/Starlight(At best, reduces damage by 50%) = Y Damage. 3. Y Damage - Total Armor Points(reduce damage numbers by total armor points) = Z Damage 4. Z Damage - ChipSet6%+FireShield20%/MindBarrier20%/Warcry30%/Desperation40%/DiamondSkin40%/Heaven'sAdvent50%(6%-56% reduced damage) = Final Damage to Hit Points. This is a result of my own testing. Since it was never explicitly stated to me, the exact details of the formula.


Skills either damage hit/magic points/stamina bar or alter the character state. Each skill has a casting duration and an effect that has a cooldown. A skill's casting duration can be over before the skill's cooldown is over, if using Quickyne and certain skills. Allowing for more movement. Cooldowns for skills are about 1 second or so, or 20-30+ minutes for some skills, until they can be recast again. This means it's possible to activate a skill's effect, be it damage or other effects, multiple times during its casting animation. There are three speed states relevant to a skill's casting duration: Normal, Slow, and Quick. Slow is half speed. Quick is double speed.

Multiple Cast

How it's done: Right click, which activates the skill, then drop the skill icon onto the monster(single target) or the map(buffs or area attack) after the initial cast cooldown has passed. Example of Multiple Cast (usually called Double/Triple Cast) The Normal Bombardment skill can and should be followed up with two additional casts. Slow Bombardment can hit 6 times. Quick Bombardment can hit 2 times.

Chain Casting

It is possible to cast from an active skill into other skills to create a continuous chain of casting.

Example of Chain Casting Bombardment can hit two times and the last hit can chain into Plasma Shock. Right click, drop Bombardment onto map for the second hit, then switch to Plasma Shock, then drop Plasma Shock onto the target, then again for a second hit, then switch to Bombardment again. Repeat until target falls. The timings require some practice and is useful for many characters. Some characters that are using Quickyne can't double cast their skills. Due to the reduced casting animation. The Slide Cast

You can extend the range of an area attack skill, a few spaces, while running then using the skill. It effectively extends the area attack range from where it was cast to where it will be. It will only work like explained at Normal Speed if done after a space. At Quick Speed, it can be done at three spaces. This is effective for sweeping around corners and hitting more targets than regularly. It takes practice and is worth learning. Especially when you get Bombardment.

Character State

These terms are used in the guide. Unbuffed: Self-explanatory. Protection: You won't drop any items, currency, or shade Unique Items, upon death. Recommended when you begin to wear Sunsets, Nauthiz, and/or Unique Items. AutoBuffs, sometimes provides free Protection. Log-in and get Protection when it's available.

Boosters: Moradyne/Couradyne/Dextyne/Adrenalyne, Aryne, Protyne-M, Anubyne, Quickyne, Carbodyne. Some boosts aren't always used. Better than Unbuffed. Total Effect: +1 Str/Spr/Dex/Pow per bp, increase damage by 10%, PVM damage reduced by 15%, status immunity, doubled movement/cast speed, and unlimited stamina. Toxyne, Visyne, Protyne-P, have some use. Visyne is for the Boss Spy. Not required for leveling though.

Buffs(200-600): Guardian Diety, Goddess of Mercy, Lord of Wars, and Starlight. Necessary buffs. Zyphyrus isn't usually used but an option for Bombardment Triple Cast. Total Effect: reduce all damage by 50%, base dexterity is doubled(or more from SL), increase damage by 40%, and status immunity(Not Dispel from monsters Shiva/Annihilator/Hierarch).

Buffed: Boosters + GD/GoM/LoW + SL. Best possible state for 1-700, unless AutoBuffs gives Group Buffs. Recommended for optimal leveling. Total Effect: +1 Str/Spr*/Dex*/Pow per bp, PVM damage reduced by 15%, reduce all damage by 50%, base dexterity doubled(or more from SL), 50% damage boost, complete status immunity, double movement/cast speed, unlimited stamina.

Group Buffed(700-800): Boosters + GD/GoM/LoW + SL + Warcry + Moon's Blessing* + Unlimited Stamina*. *When necessary. The best non-event buffs to have. Total Effect: Buffed + PVM(All Characters)/PVP(Blue Sadad) damage reduced by 30%, increase accuracy for melee/spirit attacks by 50%, Unlimited Stamina.

Auto Buffs(1-1000): It varies which are active. Usually, most Boosters as well as any other character buff. Total Effect: Whichever is active.

Shapeshift Buffs: Honor restricted Buffs. Really useful, at higher levels, for a Red Spirit Build or Red Power Build with Sunset/Nauthiz. Total Effect: Any Buffs from same honor. It's possible to hit max PVM damage with so many damage buffs.

Honor Builds

There are two Honors and four builds to choose from.

The Blue Strength and Power Melee Build

This Build enables Destino to play "The Defensive Commander". It relies on accurate high strength weapon damage, before 400, to kill. Slower than Red Builds, unless relying on group for experience. Usually, Super Monsters will have to be avoided to make the most out of the higher strength and lower power. At least until 800.

Usage guidelines: 1. Use Bow, Gun, or Sword, whichever is better for the situation, to inflict damage on monsters. The Bow shoots faster than the Sword and Gun. 2. Soul Blade is not used unless using a Unique Weapon. 3. Psycho Kinesis allows Destino to collect items from a distance. Useful for selling collected mp foods. 4. Hide allows Destino to avoid detection and all damage. Except from (Summit)Shiva, (Summit)Lepon, Hierarch, (Super)Wyvern, and Unique Weapons' area attacks. 5. Illusion Blade becomes your main attack until Silver Arrow. IB+Melee is a combo attack. 6. Evasion boosts armor points and reduces RNG odds of being critically hit from melee damage. 7. Silver Arrow replaces Illusion Blade. 8. Mind's Eye can be cast on group members to allow them to see all Redmoon characters' names on the screen. 9. Desperation reduces PVM/PVP damage by 40%. In PVM, this allows Destino to use more strength to achieve 1-hit stats. survive many attacks easier.

The Blue Spirit and Power Support Build

This Build enables Destino to play "The Sun's Chief Guardian". Legendary Medicine is required for this build. Otherwise, it is only an extra character. Which is still useful for more group experience. It is a high Power support bodyguard for faster monster killers like Philar. Can use 10 bps of strength and dexterity to be helpful to Philar and Lavita early on. Azlar won’t usually need such help. Disguise is used to avoid regular monsters yet remain detectable by Supers. Hide can be used to avoid damage in many cases. Potentially fastest by relying exclusively on group for experience. Outclassed as a bodyguard by Blue Jarexx and Blue Sadad. Due to Jarexx's Roar monster magnet skill and both characters' higher hit points per bonus point.

Usage guidelines: 1. Disguise avoids detection from non-Super monsters. Or remove Disguise and be a bodyguard. Attacking is an option at low levels. 2. Soul Blade is not used unless using a Unique Weapon. 3. Psycho Kinesis allows Destino to collect items from a distance. He can share what he collects with the group. 4. Hide allows Destino to avoid detection and all damage. Except from (Summit)Shiva, (Summit)Lepon, Hierarch, (Super)Wyvern, and Unique Weapons' area attacks. 5. Evasion boosts armor points and reduces RNG odds of being critically hit from melee damage. 6. Mind's Eye can be cast on group members to allow them to see all Redmoon characters' names on the screen. 7. Desperation allows Destino to bodyguard group members from Super Monsters. Adequate Power is required.

The Red Strength and Power Melee Build

This Build enables Destino to play "The Powerful Commander of the Signus Army". It relies on accurate high strength melee weapon damage, before 300, to kill. At Level 800, Bombardment is usually the only attack used to kill. It is most recommended for leveling from 300 to 1150.

Usage guidelines: 1. Use Bow, Gun, or Sword, whichever is better for the situation, to inflict damage on monsters. The Bow shoots faster than the Sword and Gun. 2. Soul Blade is not used unless using a Unique Weapon. 3. Illusion Blade becomes your main attack that can be Double Cast at Normal Speed. IB+Melee is a combo attack. 4. Hallucination replaces Illusion Blade. Can only Double Cast when Slow. 5. Scarecrow can be useful in some situations. Not usually used. 6. Chaos renders a monster unable to target a Player for attack. Useful for helping low levels get experience or disabling the Boss Spy. 7. Plasma Shock is your strongest attack and can be Triple Cast. It also casts Slow on the target. Double Cast when Quick. Used until Bombardment. 8. Bombardment is an area attack that can be Triple Cast for high damage. Zyphyrus has faster movement with regular cast duration. Double Cast when Quick.

The Red Strength and Spirit Build

The Build enables Destino to play "The Deceptive Commander". It uses base spirit to avoid detection at all costs, some dexterity, and high strength to accurately 1-hit kills all monsters. It also uses less currency to level up. It is recommended for use at 500 to 1000. The Power Build becomes more optimal to use at 1000+.

Usage guidelines: 1. Disguise, and Camoflage Cream, avoids detection from monsters. Always have a Disguise (Spirit determined duration) or Camoflage Cream (10 second duration) active. 2. Soul Blade is not used unless equipped with a Unique Weapon. 2. Attack with a Gun/Bow, then use Camoflage Cream immediately after attack to avoid detection. Very risky, not recommended. Horror makes this method work easier. 3. Horror causes monsters, within 2-4 spaces of Destino, to flee. Monsters attacking from far range are dangerous. Effective at 200 for School Dungeon First Floor. 4. Illusion Blade is your second attack skill. 5. Hallucination is your third attack skill. 6. Scarecrow prevents all damage for 3 hits, not counting missed attacks. Getting properly hit a third time, removes Scarecrow, and it cannot be recast for 10 seconds. 7. Chaos renders a monster unable to target a Player for attack. Useful for helping low levels get experience or disabling the Boss Spy. Casting this move doesn’t remove Disguise or Camoflage Cream. 8. Plasma Shock is your strongest attack and can be Triple Cast. It also casts Slow on the target(s). Double Cast when Quick. Used until Bombardment. 9. Bombardment is an area attack that can be Triple Cast for high damage. Zyphryus has faster movement with regular cast duration. Double Cast when Quick.

Spirit To Avoid Monsters

Base Spirit is utilized for the Disguise, Camoflage Cream, and Horror. Couradyne and Unique Rings, are the only other way to increase base spirit for Destino's skills.

The Destino Only consumable item, Camoflage Cream, gives 10 second Base Spirit reliant monster avoidance. It also temporarily increases Spirit by 500, while active. A Build using Camoflage Cream, will optimally use Couradyne boosted base spirit, to avoid all monsters on the map. Including Super Monsters on many different maps. The trade off is that Disguise and Horror's effects are unusable against monsters that Camoflage Cream does avoid. This is the riskiest way to play Destino. It is not recommended until Scarecrow. This item has specific applications for both Honors' Spirit Builds.

The Red Strength and Spirit Build will do more damage by having more bps for strength. Adequate dexterity for proper accuracy is always required, as it reduces risk of the Monsters counterattacking. Camoflage Cream must always be active to stay alive. Only recommended if Scarecrow is usable. Super Monsters, if not avoidable, are fatally dangerous. The Blue Spirit and Power Build, uses exact amounts of base spirit to avoid the strongest non-Super monster with a Camoflage Cream. To infiltrate, evade, and proactively bodyguard for group. Legendary Medicine is required to be viable.

Base Spirit for Disguise, Horror, and Camoflage Cream

Although some monsters spirit is lower than other monsters, that doesn't make them weaker. In fact, some are stronger. Street1/2/3: Gangster 10, Hooligan 30, Spy1(Steet1/2) 30, Robber 100, Spy2(Street3) 180, Thug 180, Super Thug 270, Cyborg 280.

Junkyard: Spy2 180, Cyborg 280, Jester 280, Dragon Infantry 400, Super Dragon Infantry 600, Mutant 625. Backyard: Cyborg 280, Jester 280, Dragon Infantry 400, Mutant 800, Spy3 1300, Super Mutant 940

Downtown1/2/3/4: Mutant 625, Commando 1050, Sniper 1170, Spy3 1300, Super Commando 1580, Super Sniper 1760, Esper 2250.

Sahara1: Commando 1050, Giant Bat 1400, Esper 2250, Skeleton 2550, Super Esper 3375. Sahara2: Commando 1050, Giant Bat 1400, TNT 1885, Esper 2250, Super TNT 2827, Super Esper 3375.

Sahara Dungeon1: Android 2400, Giant Bat2 2500, Minotaur 2500, Skeleton 2550, Machine Gun 2590, Super Android 3570.

School Dungeon 1st Floor: Giant Bat1 1400, Android 2400, Minotaur 2500, Skeleton 2550, Zombie1 3100, Zombie Head1 3250.

Sahara Dungeon2: Mutant 625, Combat Drone 1500, Giant Bat2 2500, Lab Tech 3000, Revertix 3580, Super Lab Tech 4500. Boss Spy Dungeon: Combat Drone 1500, Super Combat Drone 2000, Minotaur 2500, Lab Tech 3000, Revertix 3580, Boss Spy 4000.

School Dungeon 2nd Floor: Zombie2 3650, Giant Bat3 3750, Zombie Head2 3800, Apophis1 4500.

Himalayas: Buccis 3120, Yeti 3240, Destroyer 3360, Super Yeti 4860. Himalayan Dungeons: Yeti 3240, Storm Trooper 3600, Shiva 4500, Super Yeti 4860, Super Storm Trooper 5400.

Spaceship: Space Pirate 4750, Rock Beast 6000

Signus: Scouter 3000, Base Guard 3000, Scout Robot 3500, Spy Plane 4480. Platoon Leader might have spirit but it doesn't attack at all. Freedom Village: Scouter 3000, Rakion 3000, Pramar 3000, Scout Robot 3500, Spy Plane 4480, Super Rakion 4500, Super Pramar 4500. Signus Valley: Rakion 3000, Pramar 3000, Lepon 3000, Giant Rakion 3500, Spy Plane 4480, Super Lepon 4500, Super Giant Rakon 4500.

Uni/Anatu/Bau: Centinel 2770, Annihilator 2770, Sky Cop 2880, Psyanide 3000. Uni/Anatu/Bau Dungeon: Annihilator 2770, Psyanide 3000, Guardian 5000, Hierarch 9000.

Cyrn: Centinel 3470, Annihilator 3470, Sky Cop 3600, Psyanide 3750. Cyrn Dungeon: Psyanide 3750, Guardian 6250, Hierarch 11250.

Dyaus: Centinel 3740, Annihilator 3740, Sky Cop 3890, Psyanide 4050. Dyaus Dungeon: Psyanide 4050, Guradian 6750, Hierarch 12150.

Himalayan Summit: Lepon 2100, Buccis 3000, Storm Trooper 4500, Shiva 4500, Super Destroyer 12895, Guardian 28150(All Spirit Destino cannot avoid Guardian).

Super Junkyard: Spy4 5830, Cyborg2 8880, Jester2 8880, Combat Drone2 9000, Dragon Infantry2 9500, Mutant2 10630, Android2 12250, Revertix2 14650.

School Dungeon 3rd Floor: Apophis2 8000, Soul Stalker 10360, Wyvern 10405, Super Wyvern 12895.

Most maps during Christmas time: Santa Monster. I have no idea what its spirit is or if it can be avoided. It can inflict Santa status, which removes your weapon and changes your character to Santa, through Anubyne. So, tread carefully.

Super Monsters

Monsters, with a Blue Arrow icon, have higher stats. They do three times as much damage than regular variants. A good way to check damages is with the "`hp" command, also use "`chatview 101111" to remove the system messages from your HUD. Try to be able to survive three attacks from the regular version before attempting to defeat a Super. The Super Combat drone does more damage than 3 Combat Drone Critical hits.

Leveling Guide Start

These stat sets become even more effective if 50 Legendary Medicine are used. If you're trying to level as quickly as possible, avoid all Super Monsters. As they take time to kill.

Level 1 to Level 100

Level 1-30 Base Stats 80-10-360-310 (I'd suggest savings boosts for Boss Spy/Signus/Sky/Summit)

Unbuffed Bow: Your fastest firing and strongest weapon until 120. Buffed Bow: It will be quick level ups. Make sure you have at least 5-10 Pas when facing Spy2 in Street3. Defeating one Thug is possible with over 200 Power. Cyborgs aren't much stronger than Thugs. You can go to Junkyard at Level 30. Just make sure you have more food than pas. You should start collecting MP food and sell for Money for the rest of the game.

Level 50 Base stats 220-10-500-510

Unbuffed Bow: Continue leveling up. Buffed Bow: It will be quick level ups. Maps: Junkyard/Backyard/Downtown1. Junkyard is faster than the Backyard. Defeating Spy3 at 50 is possible. Guardian Diety or Starlight +Protyne-M make it easier to survive hits. It's always a good idea to clear Spies first. Even in Downtown areas. Downtown1: You can usually level on the right side of the map without being attacked from Snipers. Possible at 50 but better for 80-100. (Auto)Group Buffed: 510 base power and Cutlass can tank 2 Sniper hits. Damage is very low to Sniper, making it ineffective.

Level 85 Base Stats 1200-10-500-510

Bow: Just level. You'll eventually need about 80 Dexterity bps(1130 base Dexterity) to use the gun properly.

Level 100 to Level 200

Soul Blade is generally not used unless a Unique Weapon is equipped for 1-hits.

Level 100 Base Stats 570-10-850-1010 (1 bp)

Maps: Junkyard/Backyard/Downtown1. Unbuffed Bow: Use Bow/Sword until 120. Then switch to Gun/Sword. Buffed Bow: Just level. Cutlass allows tanking snipers but still inaccurate unless GoM/SL is active.

Level 120 Base Stats 1130-10-850-1010 (1 bp)

Maps: Downtown1/2. Mostly areas without Commandoes (bottom of DT2). Unbuffed Gun/Sword: Just level where you don't die easily. The 120 Sword is specifically used for Snipers and Super Sniper, if required. Buffed Gun: Just level. Use sword for more defense against Super Sniper. Super Commando is too strong for now.

Level 150 1690 10 1060 1010 (1 bp)

Unbuffed Gun/Sword: Stick to Snipers. Try Commandoes if you feel you're ready. Buffs Gun: Avoid all Super Commandoes and Espers. Buffed Gun: Probable 3-hit on Snipers and Commando. Commandoes do 40%. Esper does 95%.

Level 185 2040 10 1060 1510 (1 bp)

Buffs Gun: Survives Super Commando critical 48% per or 96% unbuffed. Avoid Espers. Buffed Gun: Esper does 93% to 185 Gun gear + GD/SL + Protyne-M.

Level 200 to Level 300

You can use Blue Honor for easy item pickup with Psycho Kinesis. Red Honor is useless for now.

Level 205 Base Stats 2530 10 1130 1510 (2 bps)

Buffs Gun, DT4 or Sahara1: 1 critical hit or 3-5 hit on Snipers and Commandos. Giant Bat is slightly stronger than the Commandoes. Survives one Esper attack and can accurately hit Esper. Buffed Gun: 1 critical hit on Snipers and Commandoes. 2 high damage hits. 3-4 low damage hits. Esper does 13,705(11,650 using Protyne-M) and 27,410 damage to 205 Gun gear, with Guardian Diety or Starlight Buff and without either. Esper does 35% to 205 Gun gear + GD/SL + Protyne-M. A Super Esper attack will be fatal. So, avoid for now. With these stats, the Level 220 Sword gear can survive Super Esper.

Level 200 Red Honor Base Stats 276-2590-1760-10

Buffs Gun, SahDun1: Technically, you can level there. There are rooms where no Machine Guns spawn. It can be faster than the standard MG group. Avoid the Machine Guns, Minotaurs, and Super Monsters. Dexterity Buff (Goddess of Mercy or Starlight) reliant.

Level 200 Red Honor Base Stats 108-2960-1410-10 *REQUIRES Couradyne to repel Zombie Heads*

Buffed Gun, School Dungeon 1st Floor: Use Horror and level. It's slow but remains an option. Avoid/move Minotaurs. Dexterity Buff (Goddess of Mercy or Starlight) reliant.

Base Spirit can be increased to 3250. If you're leveling to 300 here, try get 3510 Base Dexterity. You only need the Gun, Necklace, Boots, and Gloves equipped.

Level 235 3360 10 1130 1510 (2 bps)

Buffs/Buffed Gun, Sahara1/2: Just level up. Avoid Supers Monsters. TNT critical hit does 60% to unbuffed Sword gear. Esper does 85%. For reference.

Level 250 3790 10 1130 1510 (2 bps)

At this point, you can try Sahara Dungeon1 if you’d like. Esper does 64% or 26,063 damage to unbuffed 250 Gun gear. Super Esper does 71% or 43,134 damage to GD+Pro-M 250 Gun gear. MG does 42%(94%) or 19,420 to GD+Pro-M Gun gear. Android does 78% or 36,331 damage to GD+Pro-M Gun gear. Minotaur does 94% or 43,839 damage to GD+Pro-M Gun gear. Super Android does well over 100%.

4210 Strength + 50% damage + Moradyne is 3 hits at 40% Gun damage on Machine Guns. 5260 Total Boosted Strength is 1 40% Gun damage critical hit on Androids. Auto Buffs stats. They are useful for the added damage reduction.

Level 300 to Level 400

Illusion Blade will be able to make leveling up a lot easier. If using at Normal Speed, try using the Double Cast. If you don’t have a status blocker and become Slow Speed, try a Triple Cast. 1 bp of Spirit will allow more uses of Illusion Blade. I’d suggest adding it. Sahara Dungeon2 and the Boss Spy Dungeon are still too strong to level up in yet. If Auto Buffs enable Warcry and Heaven’s Advent, it might be possible to try Sahara Dungeon2. Probably2-hitting Non-Super Monsters.

Level 300 Red Base Stats 5190-20-1130-1510 (2 bps)

Buffs/Buffed Gun, Sahara or Sahara Dungeon1: Buffs 1-hits Android. Buffs+Moradyne 1-hits Minotaurs. Boosters help survive Minotaur Headbutts. Avoid Super Monsters. I’d get to 315 before entering Sahara Dungeon1. For the Shield that gives 300 Power. Don’t bother with Sahara Dungeon2 yet.

Level 315 Red Base Stats 6170-20-1312-1010 (2 bps)

Buffs/Buffed Gun: Illusion Blade 1-hits Minotaur. Adrenalyne and Protyne-M enable surviving 2 Machine Gun critical hits simultaneously and, separately, the Minotaur’s Headbutt for 93% damage.

Level 315 Red Base Stats 3202-20-2390-2350 (Recommended Unbuffed stats for Sahara Dungeon1)

Unbuffed Gun, SahDun1: Illusion Blade+Gunshot can 2-hit combo Machine Guns, can Double Cast Minotaurs, and survive Minotaur Headbutt.

Level 315 Red Base Stats 3706-10-2390-2000 (Meant for Auto Buffs)

(Auto) Team Buffed: Illusion Blade 2-hits Combat Drones.

Level 325 Red Honor Base Stats 3370-10-2250-2510 (3 bps)

Unbuffed Gun, Sahara Dungeon1: Illusion Blade+Gunshot will 2-hit combo Machine Guns. Be careful when facing two Machine Guns and either an Android or Minotaur simultaneously.

Level 300 Red Honor Base Stats 416-3250-3510-10

Unbuffed/Buffed Gun, School Dungeon 1st Floor: use Horror and Illusion Blade. Illusion Blade, even unbuffed, 2-hits Zombies and their Heads. Avoid/move Minotaurs and level up.

Level 400 to Level 500

Hallucination is a stronger attack skill. You can’t Double Cast it when at Quick Speed. Leveling up will be easier. You can complete the Boss Spy Quest easily, if you have help. Meaning you can level in the Himalayas earlier than usual.

Level 400 Red Honor Base Stats 5610-10-2110-2510 (4 bps)

Buffed Gun, SahDun2: Hallucination 1-hits Combat Drones, Buccis, and Shivas. At this point, It also 2-hits Non-Super Himalayas and Himalayan Dungeon(s) Monsters. As well as 2-hitting Freedom Village’s Scouter and Base Guard. 3-hitting the Scout Robot and Spy Plane. Just level up in Sahara Dungeon2 until you can defeat the Boss Spy. Avoid Super Monsters.

Level 450 Red Honor Base Stats 7010-10-1410-3010 (4 bps)

4 bps should be used for strength. Buffs and Moradyne enables 1-hiting Yetis. Save your Arynes. Buffed Gun, BSD: 1-hits for all except Fake Boss Spy, Boss Spy, and Supers Monsters. Just level up. Buffed Gun, Himalayas: 1-hits for Himalayas. Be careful of multiple Destroyers.

Boss Spy Quest

The Boss Spy, who uses far range Gunshots for melee damage and casts Coldcell/MPSteal/Invisibility/ Warp as one skill simultaneously, is the first real Boss Monster of the game. There are different rooms in the Boss Spy Dungeon where Boss Spy Monsters spawn. Only one is real for quest purposes. The real one is at the far right of the map, just past the prison entrance. The Visyne booster will help you against the Boss Spy. It can be affected by status effects. If you need help defeating it. As for how the different builds face the Boss Spy, Blue Strength and Power at Level 500 makes the fight easier, so does Red Strength and Spirit. Pre-500 Red Strength and Power can have a challenging time. Good Luck defeating it without Legendary Medicine, Buffs, Boosts, Tank Characters, or Status Effects.

  • Go to Himalayas after talking to Kasham*
Level 500 to Level 600

I’d suggest using the Red Spirit Build from now on. The cost for leveling is greatly reduced due to Camoflage Cream being inexpensive. Blue Power Build is more defensively effective than Red Power Build, with Evasion lowering all incoming damage.

Level 500 Blue Honor Base Stats 8410-10-1410-3010 (5 bps)

There’s not much to say about Himalayas. Avoid Super Monsters.

Level 500 Red Honor Base Stats 7710-10-2110-3010 (5 bps)

There’s not much to say about Himalayas. Avoid Supers Monsters.

Level 500 Red Honor Base Stats 7290-3360-2110-0 "The Deceptive Commander"

Buffs/Buffed Gun, Himalayas: Follow Usage Guidelines to level up. Death Pile retrieval is easy. Step 1: Use Disguise or Camoflage Cream. To Avoid Detection. Step 2: Use Horror. To safely repel close-range attackers if no Disguise active. Step 3: Use Scarecrow. To survive at least 3 hits. Mainly from ranged attacks. Step 4: Use Hallucination on Destroyers. 1 or 2-hits is fine. Step 5: Use Camoflage Cream within half a second after attacking to Disguise again. You should avoid detection. Step 6: Use Hallucination on Buccis and Yeti, while Horror repels them.

Note: Use Camoflage Cream immediately if a Destroyer spawns on screen. Or if a Buccis or Yeti spawn next you. Get clear and continue leveling up.

Note: Jarexx's 250 Blue Skill Roar, which is a monser magnet skill, will render Horror's monster repel effect useless. Red Power Destino is a better leveling companion to Jarexx than Red Spirit Destino. Mainly because monsters that reach Jarexx, which aren't 1-2 hit from skills, can use area attacks. Monsters like TNT, Skeleton, Storm Trooper, Shiva, Sky Cop, Guardian, Hierarch, and Wyvern can hit Disguised Destino with Area Attack or Area Effect skills. Thus, the Red Spirit Build is more suitable for solo leveling. I don't recommend Spirit Build Leveling in the Himalayan Dungeons. It's quicker in Himalayas. The Philar Quest can be completed with the Spirit Build. Place your items and Money in the bank before starting the Quest. Just in case the Super Storm Trooper is on the way to one of the warps. Good Luck.

Preparations for Signus

Onwards to Signus. You can bypass the usual Group with Destino or other Players, by using the "!!!ship" global shout warp command. When the Ship crashes, warp in and get to a pod before the Ship lands.

PVM damage reduction limit is 80%. Protyne-M adds 15% to that or 15%/80%. A-Vend Set(28%) + Protyne-M(15%) = 43%/80% monster attack reduction before GD/SL. PVP damage reduction limit is 90%. Protyne-P adds 15% to that or 15%/90%. A-Vend Set(28%) + Protyne-P(15%) = 43%/90% player attack reduction before GD/SL.


The Regen Necklace is the only necklace you should be using. Eternity Necklace has niche use for adding slightly more spirit than Regen Necklace.

-Armor Sets

-Sun Armor Set: Not used. The exception is the Sun Shield (600 Power) is more effective to use than the A-Vend Shield (0 Power). Locations: Himalayan Weapon Shop and U/A/B/C/D Sky City Shops.

-A-Vend Armor Set: Gives armor points and 4% PVM/PVP damage reduction per piece. A total of 28% PVM/PVP for all seven items. Locations: Certain Sky Cities, Certain Sky Dungeons, Street2Trader, and Players.

-Saturnus Armor Set: Similar yet slightly better than A-Vends. Gives a minor boost to PVM damage and weighs less. Locations: Radiations drop in Freedom Village, Signus Valley, or traded from Players. Use them to make the Saturnus Set. Mail 1 Radiation + 10 A-Vend piece to "Alchemist".

-Nauthiz Set: give variable armor points (Exact values unknown) and PVM/PVP damage reduction (Stages 0/1/2 give 4% per piece. Stage 3 give 6%. Stage 4 give 8%) They also give extra stats necessary for strengthening your character. Locations: Donate real money for Tokens to buy Nauthiz at Street3Studio, Redmoon Fortunes, or Players.


All Earth Rares have similar attack values and give extra stats. Allowing Destino to change his stats depending on the situation. New Moon Blade: used for dexterity until 650. It is worth using if unbuffed. Super Monsters. Nova Blade: replaces New Moon Blade. Used for dexterity. Most armor points and accuracy. Best used with stats meant for Nova Bow. Nova Bow: same damage as Nova Blade. Used for power. Best Earth Rare for bp usage. Plasma Beam: more damage than Blade/Bow. Used for strength. Best used with stats meant for Nova Bow for a bit more damage.

All Signus Rares give a 20% PvP damage reduction. They do not reduce monster attack damage. Chrysaor: Sword damage is based on Level and Strength bps. Higher damage than Earth Rares. No stats and requires base/buffed dexterity/Moon's Blessing to use properly. Calabolg: Gun damage is based on Level and Strength bps. Same as Chrysaor but with less weight and more range. Good for skill+gunshot to increase damage slightly. Typhonic Bow: Bow damage is based on Level and Dexterity bps. Destino's useful leveling skills are strength-based. Not used.

All Sunsets give a 20% PvP damage reduction. They do not reduce monster attack damage. Manus Blade: Sword damage is based on Level and Strength bps. Higher damage compared to Chrysaor/Calabolg. The only Sunset Weapon recommended for leveling. Sauvagine: Gun damage is based on Level and Strength bps. More range and less damage compared to Manus Blade. Usable but not optimal. Creationer: Bow damage is based on Level and Dexterity bps. Destino's useful leveling skills are strength-based. Not used.

Unique Weapons' melee hits cause an area attack, that hits all in range for 1/3 of their hit points. They are useful 1-1150. However, they are weaker than the Chrysaor/Calabolg/Sunsets. You will most definitely want to switch to a Stage 4 Manus Blade as soon as possible.

Level 600 to Level 700

I’d honestly suggest Red Spirit Build at this level. However, Silver Arrow is good until Plasma Shock. The Red Strength and Spirit Build should carry at least 40-50 Ginseng, even if avoiding most damage.

Level 600 Blue Honor Base Stats 10510-10-2110-3010 (6 bps)

Buffs Nova Bow: You can level up easily. Avoid Supers.

Level 600 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-3010-2110-10 (6 bps)

Buffs/Buffed Chrysaor: Horror repels. 1-hits. Heal when necessary. Unbuffed New Moon Blade: Horror repels non-super monsters in FV. 1-hits monsters, except Rakion and Pramar. Heal when necessary.

Level 700 to Level 800

A Poison Pill is needed to reset stats. This is important because at 701, you can group with Level 800 Buffers. Sadad’s Warcry and Lunarena’s Moon’s Blessing will improve leveling efficiency by reducing Monster damage by 30% and increasing Accuracy by 50%.


Level 701 Blue Honor Base Stats 10510-10-990-4510 (9 bps)

Group Buffs/Buffed Nova Bow, Freedom Village and Signus Valley: FV is low risk for leveling up, excluding Super Monsters. Occasionally clear Signus Valley of Monsters. Despite being a very large Map, Signus Valley has lower spawn rates than other Maps. Resulting in less Monsters after a run through. Radiations do drop in Signus Valley.

Level 700 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-4510-2810-10 (7 bps)

Unbuffed Plasma Beam, Signus Valley: Plasma Shock 1-hits Lepon. Horror repels Super Giant Rakion and Super Lepon. Switch to Nova Blade against Supers. Heal when necessary. Sky City

You will be able to level up in Uni, Anatu, and Bau. Sky Cops use far range area attacks. So, caution is required while grouped.

Level 800 to Level 900

You’ll often have to get into range to hit Monsters with Bombardment. Since many of the Sky City Monsters have far attack ranges. Red Strength and Spirit Build, has overwhelming damage when compared to Red Strength and Power Build, in Uni, Anatu, and Bau Maps.

Level 800 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-10-2810-6510 (8 bps) *Non-Moon’s Blessing*

Group Buffed Nova Bow: You can level in many maps and kill easily. The problem is Sky City. You need Warcry and Boosters to be able to survive many strong far ranged attacks. Psyanide can Buff Monsters’ damage and reduce Player damage by 50%. A Group of Buffed Monsters are dangerous. Even while Group Buffed.

Level 800 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-10-710-8010 (8 bps) *Moon’s Blessing*

Group Buffed Nova Bow: You’ll be able to level in Sky City(U/A/B) effectively. Make sure you have Anubyne. So, you don’t get your Buffs removed from Annihilators.

Level 800 Red Honor Base Stats 15556-3010-2810-10 (8 bps) *Use Dextyne, if necessary*

Buffed Calabolg: You can avoid detection and level in Sky City(U/A/B). You’ll be able to nearly 1-hit even egged Psyanide. A few levels of Strength bps will get the 1-hit stats.

Level 900

More of the same. Sky City (C/D) is dangerous for the Red Power Build. The Red Spirit Build is more effective still. You can begin upgrading Sunsets, Nauthiz, and Sunset Orbs, for your equipment.

Level 900 Red Honor Base Stats 12050-10-500-9010 (9 bps)

Buffed Chrysaor: Bombardment 1-2 hits unbuffed monsters in Sky City(U/A/B). If you can 1-hit a Psyanide, you can almost 2-hit a Hierarch in the Sky Dungeons(U/A/B). I'd suggest 950-1000 for Cyrn. Cyrn has monsters that are 1.25x stronger than Bau. Group Buffs required. Cyrn monsters are noticeable stronger than U/A/B. Caution is required. I'd suggest 1000 for Dyaus. Dyaus has monsters that are 1.35x stronger than Bau. Group Buffs required. Dyaus monsters are very strong. You’ve been warned if using the Power Build. I'd advise against solo leveling in any Sky Dungeons unless you are 1000 and proficient with double-casting. Unless using the Red Spirit Build. The Red Spirit Build can level easily. The reason being is the Level 1000 30% PVM/PVP damage reduction. It allows more effective use of gear and bps.

Level 900 Red Honor Base Stats 16110-4050-3510-10 |OR| 17580-4050-2110-10 (Dextyne+MB)

Group Buffed Chrysaor: 1 or 2-hit Stats in Dyaus.

Level 900 Red Honor Base Stats 10860-8190-3034-10 *Couradyne and Dextyne *

Group Buffed Chrysaor: You can level and 2-hit Hierarchs in Sky Dungeons (Uni, Anatu, and Bau).

Level 900 Red Honor Base Stats 12960-8190-934-10 *Couradyne, Dextyne, and Moon's Blessing*

Group Buffed Chrysaor: You can level up and 2-hit Hierarchs in Sky Dungeons (Uni, Anatu, and Bau).

Level 1000

You have the Level 1000 "Sun" bonus, that reduces PVM/PVP damage by 30%. It is deactivated in PVP when battling other "Suns".

You can use 50 Legendary Medicine to get 100 levels of bps. Leaving 50 more levels left until 1150. How to get: Get levels past 1000 and gamble the bps at Kasham's Place or buy some with Tokens. People usually sell them.

It might be better to get to 1150 before upgrading Sunsets, Nauthiz, and Sunset Orbs. Your choice. I'd suggest getting yourself a S2/S3/S4 Manus Blade. Try leveling in Dyaus for experience to upgrade.

Try Uni Dungeon first. It doesn't have the spawn rates of Bau Dungeon. So, it will be easier to test to see if you can level effectively. If you can 1-hit an Egged Annihilator, you can: 2-hit Guardian, 3-hit Egged Guardian, 2-hit Hierarch, and 4-hit Egged Hierarch.

Level 1000 Red Honor Base Stats 10930-10-934-11650 *Requires Dextyne and Moon's Blessing.*

Group Buffed Chrysaor: 2-hits Hierarch and 100% Accuracy against Guardian.

Cyrn Dungeon

CD has monsters that 1.25x stronger than Bau Dungeon. Group Buffed required. The "Front Door" is death if you can't tank multiple Guardian and Hierarch area attacks simultaneously. Approximately, 22,000-23,000 total power to tank four Hierarch area attacks simultaneously.

Wait until 1150 for Dyaus Dungeon. Unless your sunsets are upgraded to 1-hit and survive effectively.

Level 1150

You’ll have to have S4 Manus Blade, Level 69+ Nauthiz, and Unique items to level optimally. There is no other way.

Level 1150 Red Honor Base Stats X-10-X-X

Stats and Gear for Dyaus Dungeon, Himalayan Summit, Super Junkyard, and School Dungeon 3rd Floor, vary greatly as the monsters have different stats. Group Buffed Stage 4 Manus Blade (Selion Set+Chip Set): Level 69/79/89 Stage 3/4 20+ Strength/Power Nauthiz are optimal. Soloing is possible. It does take some patience though as Destino doesn't kill as fast as Philar/Jarexx/Lavita. If you don't have such items, just join a group. People are usually leveling at a fast rate.

Dyaus Dungeon

The easiest place to level compared to the other areas. Great for collecting Blue Capsules+2 for gold. DD has monsters that are 1.35x stronger than Bau Dungeon. A Group of Monsters does a lot of damage, especially when they get Buffed. Group Buffed required. 8410-9810 base strength with S4 Manus Blade, 7500 Dex with Moon's Blessing, and about 23,000 to 24,000 Power. At minimum, for Bombardment to Double Cast and kill Hierarchs. The "Front Door" is a death if you can't tank multiple Guardian and Hierarch area attacks simultaneously.

Himalayan Summit

The second easiest place to level. There are two main areas. Again, you’ll need Sunsets, Nauthiz, and Unique Items, to level up properly.

Buccis, Shiva, Storm Trooper, and Super Destroyer Area

You can level at this area with a S2/S3 and Selion Set.100% Accuracy for the Non-Super Monsters. 14,000 to 16,000 Power to survive Buccis and Shiva swarms. Be careful of fast-moving mobs. The Super Destroyer won’t do a lot of damage. However, it requires 12,000 Dexterity and Moon’s Blessing to hit accurately.

Lepon, Storm Trooper, and Guardian Area

7500 total dexterity and Moon's Blessing for 100% accuracy against Guardians. Power must be at least 10,500 to tank 1 Guardian Spin. Approximately 14,600 to tank 2 Guardian Spins for Selion Set users with Nauthiz that aren't S3/S4. Even all Spirit Destino, with Couradyne, cannot avoid detection from Summit Guardians.

Super Junkyard

Most monster experience in the game. Reached by using the “!!!sj” Globat Shout Command. There are very strong monsters and a lot of them at that. You need max PVM defense. 15.5k-16.5k Power is about optimal. I suggest having about 12000 Dexterity and Moon’s Blessing to 100% hit all monsters on the map. Android does the most damage. Revertix can usually tank the most damage.

School Dungeon 3rd Floor

This is not a leveling area. The monsters don’t spawn quickly like other areas. It’s also not easily accessible like the previously mentioned maps. It’s a map of competitive violence. Make sure you have Protection and quality items before attempting to battle the Wyverns.

Level 1150 Red Honor Base Stats X-10-X-18010

About 12,000 Dexterity with Moon’s Blessing for accuracy against Both Wyverns. Apophis2 and Soul Stalker don't pose much of a problem. Soul Stalker has MPSteal and can hit Blue Destino using Hide.


26,000 Power with 80% PVM damage reduction. Can heal itself. People are constantly after it. You'll need powerful PVP items to earn its Protections. Can hit Blue Destino using Hide.

Super Wyvern

I haven’t been able to face this monster. Many of the other players usually kill it and kill others to get its item drops. You’ll need powerful PVP items. You’ve Been Warned. Can hit Blue Destino using Hide. It also Teleports as well, so I’ve been told. It also heals itself. Approximately, 33,000 Power with 80% PVM/90% PVP damage reduction to survive its Earthquake and Melee Attack, and OTHER PLAYERS. Don’t get caught slipping. Other Players Will Kill You.

End Of Leveling Guide