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Name Destino
Gender Male
Birth Place ???
Strength 14 /BP
Spirit 10 /BP
Dexterity 14 /BP
Power 10 /BP
Special Skill Wave Illusion

Although he was once chief guardian to Philar, as an opportunist Destino sided with Aguilas when Aguilas claimed victory. He desired Sadad's mother, Estella, and blinded by love blamed her husband for his misfortunes - eventually making their son a slave. But as time passed, he regretted his actions and began a heart-felt quest for the true Sun. Experience is his biggest asset, making him multi-talented and adaptable.

Weapons: Sword, Bow, Gun

Skill Chart

Level Skill Icon Honor Spirit Required MP Use
1 Destinosi.gif Wave Illusion
1 Destino1i.gif Disguise Destino1b.gif 10 25
100 Destino100i.gif Soul Blade 10 7%
200 Destino200i.gif Psycho Kinesis Destino200b.gif 100 100 10%
300 Destino300i.gif Hide 200 200 10%
400 Destino400i.gif Illusion Blade 300 300 300
500 Destino500i.gif Evasion Destino500b.gif 450 400 250
600 Destino600i.gif Silver Arrow 600 650 500
700 Destino700i.gif Mind's Eye Destino700b.gif 750 820 ???
800 Destino800i.gif Desperation Destino800b.gif 850 1,040 ???
200 Destino-200i.gif Horror Destino-200b.gif -100 100 10
300 Destino-300i.gif Illusion Blade -200 200 100
400 Destino-400i.gif Hallucination -300 300 150
500 Destino-500i.gif Scarecrow Destino-500b.gif -450 400 250
600 Destino-600i.gif Chaos Destino-600b.gif -600 650 500
700 Destino-700i.gif Plazma Shock -750 820 1,000
800 Destino-800i.gif Bombardment -850 1,040 ???

Special Skill

This skill is only available when your DP meter is full and flashing. Characters start with this skill at level 1.

Wave Illusion

Destinosi.gif Single-target attack at close range.

Neutral Honor Skills

These skills require no specific honor to use them.


Destino1i.gif Level: 1 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 25

Self-buff that makes monsters ignore you (unless you attack). You can still be damaged by players. You will need HALF of the monsters SPIRIT to be ignored. Monsters like the TNT/Skeleton/Guardian/Hierarch/Wyvern will be able to damage you because the area attack doesn't target. Example: Splash Damage.

Soul Blade

Destino100i.gif Level: 100 (Requires 10 spirit)
MP Use: 7%

Single target attack that has a medium range.

Blue Honor Skills

These skills require positive (Blue name) honor to use them.

Psycho Kinesis

Destino200i.gif Level: 200 (Requires 100 spirit)
Honor: 100
MP Use: 10%

Self-buff that allows you to pick up items from a distance. You are unable to pick up death piles OR items from under a character.


Destino300i.gif Level: 300 (Requires 200 spirit)
Honor: 200
MP Use: 10%

Self-buff that lets you avoid any attacks except from unique weapons. Shiva, Himalayan Summit Shiva, Lepon, Himalayan Summit Lepon, Soulstalker, Hierarch and Wyvern monsters can still see and attack you. Use in combination with Disguise/Camo Cream for further avoidance. Hide duration: Spr/300 = X minutes.

Illusion Blade

Destino400i.gif Level: 400 (Requires 300 spirit)
Honor: 300
MP Use: 300

Single-target ranged attack.


Destino500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 400 spirit)
Honor: 450
MP Use: 250

Self-buff that decreases chance that you are critically hit(the higher your dexterity is the less damage you take). Gives a Defense bonus based on your current Defense amount.

Silver Arrow

Destino600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 650 spirit)
Honor: 600
MP Use: 500

Destino's Farthest ranged Single-target attack. Strength increases Damage. Dexterity SLIGHTLY increases Damage.

Mind's Eye

Destino700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 820 spirit)
Honor: 750
MP Use: ???

Shows names of all characters and monsters on screen, and can be cast on group members.


Destino800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 1,040 spirit)
Honor: 850
MP Use: ???

Desperation=40% defense boost. Can stack with Kitara's Egg.

Red Honor Skills

These skills require negative (Red name) honor to use them.


Destino-200i.gif Level: 200 (Requires 100 spirit)
Honor: -100
MP Use: 10

Self-buff that causes monsters to "flee" from you. It keeps monsters at a certain distance. Melee monster will be repelled or can attack if they are next to you. Monsters with ranged attack will attack you. You will need HALF of the monster's SPIRIT to affect them.

Illusion Blade

Destino-300i.gif Level: 300 (Requires 200 spirit)
Honor: -200
MP Use: 100

Single-target ranged attack.


Destino-400i.gif Level: 400 (Requires 300 spirit)
Honor: -300
MP Use: 150

Single-target ranged attack.


Destino-500i.gif Level: 500 (Requires 400 spirit)
Honor: -450
MP Use: 250

Self-buff that allows you to ignore the first 3 attacks from an opponent. Cannot be recast for 10 seconds.


Destino-600i.gif Level: 600 (Requires 650 spirit)
Honor: -600
MP Use: 500

Single-target skill that confuses the actions of the target. It randomly changes movement direction, and what skill is actually cast. This move with HIGH SPIRIT, can be used for "mobbing". The monsters cannot attack at all but walk in random directions.

Plazma Shock

Destino-700i.gif Level: 700 (Requires 820 spirit)
Honor: -750
MP Use: 1,000

Destino's strongest single-target medium ranged attack. It is completely Strength based and casts SLOW on the enemy.


Destino-800i.gif Level: 800 (Requires 1,040 spirit)
Honor: -850
MP Use: ???

Wraith ranged area attack that is completely Strength based. Can be triple cast due to slow animation or double cast when using Quickyne.

Leveling Guide

Rugal's Destino Leveling Guide

This guide was made for SAFE soloing.

Note: Super Monsters are 3x as tough as normal monsters. Don't tank unless you know you can survive.

Level 1-30 Base Stats 108-10-346-300 Bow is the strongest weapon you can equip at this level. Avoid placing ANY bonus points into spirit. It is NOT needed.

Level 102 Base Stats 500-10-1004-1000 You can kill snipers and survive with no problems. Continue using bow.

Level 120 Base Stats 1004-10-1004-1000 Change weapon to Gun aka Walther. At this point, The gun should be your preferred weapon. You can also use the sword for def if that suits you. It is FAR weaker than the gun though.

Level 200 Base Stats 1438-10-1410-2010 You can enter Sahara but it will be difficult to fight and survive easy without EGG/SL. You can also enter Sahara Dungeon 1. You will NOT survive. This is meant to level faster with a MGUN Group.

Level 300 Red Honor Base Stats 2852-10-1410-3010 You now have Illusion Blade. You can enter the Dungeon but it is preferred you have a group/egg/sl. This makes fighting the guns easier.

Level 400 Red Honor Base Stats 5666-10-1410-3010 You now have Hallucination. Killing is easier. Just stick with the group or at least have an egg/sl. It is possible to enter Dun2 and level. Be cautious if you are soloing. You can enter Himalayas and fight BUT...BE SURE TO HAVE EGG/SL.

Level 500 Blue Honor Base Stats 8480-10-1410-3010 You now have Evasion. This reduces damage dealt to you. You can level safely in Himalayas now. You can 1 hit all in himalayas with merely a LoW or SL boost. Keep a group handy and you will have no problems.

Level 600 Blue Honor Base Stats 10510-10-1410-3570 You now have Silver Arrow. Silver Arrow and Evasion make you unstoppable in Signus AX, BX, CX and DX. This is where you will be leveling. Make sure you keep a ton of passes ready. You can actually level in Freedom Village at 600...but be careful.

Nova Bow(600): Use the Nova Bow with these stats. You'll have 6k dex with SL/GoM and a Dextyne boost. You will also have a 1500 Power boost to defend youself with.

Plasma Beam(600): You do the most damage of these three earth rares.

Nova Blade(650): You will reach 6k Dex with only a Dextyne. 6k is enough to not miss except for supers. Use Nova Blade and keep away tactics for supers.

Calabolg/Chrysaor increase damage based on your level. So don't worry about adding strength. Having a Kitara around is a good thing. Goddess Of Mercy will help hitting those pesky Rakions and Pramars.

If you want to leech, use Hide and stay with the group.

Level 700 Blue Honor Base Stats 10510-10-1410-5580 Avoid taking physical hits from Rakion and Pramar. Things are about to get easier!

Level 800 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-10-1410-7590 Use Bombardment to kill in FV. With an Egg/Sl+WarCry(Sadad's 800 blue skill), you can try Signus Valley or Sky City. Giant Rakion and Lepon will do HEAVY/FATAL damage if you let them hit you. Wipe them out before they attack you.

Level 900 Red Honor Base Stats 10510-10-1410-9600 You are able to fight in Signus Valley with ease. Sky City maps are somewhat different. Use Plasma Beam. You can level there and kill with a decent pace...but you will need an Egg/SL+Adrenalyne+Protyne M.

900+ section to be added. 8500 dex is enough to be 90%-95% accurate for GUARDIAN.

Additional Information: To be redone. Blue Destino Etiquette...Ask before you take. If you need some Nova Weapons(600/650) for Destino. You can ask me in game...I'll give you some.

Blue Dest Mold (str=x/x spr=0/0 dex=60/850 pow=900/9010)Is accurate with moons blessing. Survives 2 hits from guardian/hierarch when fully buffed ex:egg(50% def), desperation(40% def), warcry(30%), calabolg/chrysaor(20% def) and Pro-M(15% def). Total Defense increase is 155%. 2 hits g/h with wars, sl and boosts.

This is with A-Vends, Regen Neck and Calabolg/Chrysaor.

Spr Dest Build to be added. 818 bps into Spirit+Couradyne and you avoid Hierarch and Himalayan Summit Shiva. 941 bps into Spirit+Couradyne and you avoid Soul Stalker. 945 bps into Spirit+Couradyne and you avoid the Wyvern. NOT Super Wyvern...just Wyvern.